“Hidden Gem” #1 – “How About Me? (어때?)” by GUHARA (구하라) Feat. Heo Young Ji (허영지)

I recently asked a friend of mine on what he thought a hidden gem was, a song that is easily overlooked. We both agreed that How About Me? was a clear contender.


Hara’s Alohara EP was a decent mini which portrayed her chic yet bright, and bubbly personality. In my opinion, picking Choco Chip Cookie as the title track took away a lot of the potential for How About Me? to become a bigger hit that it deserves to be. Instrumentals and choreography of the song is great. Although, I have to admit that the vocals are a bit lacking. Also, I guess with the overall tone of the song, vocals is not entirely a key feature in the song.


I understand that Choco Chip Cookie and How about me? did alright with promoting Hara’s EP, but if DSP chose the latter as a title song, then I think Hara could have climbed the charts a bit more, and thus potentially helping to deny or delay KARA’s disbandment (Rest in Peace, not salty at all).


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