Top 5 Releases for April 2017

I know this is long overdue, but here we go!

5. Dreamcatcher – Good Night

I didn’t really like Dreamcatcher at first but I got hooked after a few repeats of this song. MV is great. Concept is great. Their music is very   close to J-rock, and it reminds me of the intro songs to an anime.

4. Hyukoh – Tomboy

Hyukoh is probably the only korean band that I consistently listen to. I became interested to them after their appearance on Infinite Challenge. I like to listen to this song when doing work or when I’m just chilling. It’s really nice to see them remain consistent even after signing to a label.

3. EXID – 낮보다는 밤 (Night Rather Than Day)

I actually have the physical album for this one, the packaging is really nice! It sucks to not see Solji in this comeback, but despite that, the group still managed well. Song is great, and it’s nice to see Jeonghwa getting lots of screen time

2. Winner – Really Really

This song is “really really” good! (I’m sorry ;-;) but it does make me wonder why they went for the black and white in the MV. Anyway, it’s still such a fun song to listen to. Great vocals and the hook is very addicting.

1. IU – 팔레트 (Palette)

Ahh.. IU.. Back at it with the biennial comeback to remind us how old she currently is. Haha. Just kidding. I really have a lot to say about this song and MV, but for the sake of balance I’ll keep this one short as well. I only have three things to say right now. One, this is probably my favourite IU song so far. Two, the MV is aesthetic af! Three, the general message of the song hit me hard. I’m not the same age as her, but I can still somehow relate to it. If you want me to talk more in detail about this song, please do like or comment this post, and I’ll write a review or analysis on it when I have the time.

Thanks for reading!
– Uncertainty


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