My thoughts on TWICE’s “Signal”

With the recent TWICE comeback, I figured I would do some writing as I try to combat this cold. I will just give my general thoughts this time, because I don’t want you guys to spend too much time reading a bunch of nonsense. So with that said, let’s get to it!

  • The MiMo (Mina + Momo) “rap”
Heartbeat gif.gif
Can you feel my heartbeat?

Momo and Mina’s lines near the start of the song surprised me a lot.  It was different from what you expect (Nayeon would usually start the song). The voices of the two members mixed really well, and it was just really good to listen to.

  • “찌릿 찌릿 찌릿 찌릿”

jirrit jirrit.gif

This dance move though… What the hell?! hahaha.
I mean, It has a similar feel to “Knock Knock”. You could probably use that dance move in Knock Knock if just slowed it down.

Here’s the move as contrast:

Knock Knock.gif

  • Superpowers

Nayeon powers.gif

I really like the superpower concept in this comeback. Could do without the alien love story though (not that I have anything against aliens). Also, I don’t fully understand Nayeon’s power. Can she reverse time with that pen? Or is it the “Men In Black – Wipe Your Memory” pen so it feels like time is being reversed from our perspective?

  • That Ending…


I only have one thing to say… This is the literal definition of “WTF”. If you type in “wtf” in google, all of the search results should come up with this. I get that this was supposed to reveal that TWICE are aliens themselves (hence the love story), but this just takes things to another level.

  • Overall thoughts

As a fan of TWICE, this comeback wasn’t as hard hitting to me as their previous ones. The song sounds like a remake of “Touchdown” from their Page Two album. Was I disappointed? maybe. Give “하루에 세번 (Three Times a Day)” a listen, it’s from the same album. That song is probably one of my favourite B-side TWICE track so far. The music video did appeal to me though. If you take away the alien concept. The styling, and visuals were on point.

Watch the official music video here:

Thank you for reading!
– Uncertainty


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