Top 5 Releases for May 2017

5. Twice – 하루에 세번 (Three Times A Day)
Signal Cover
You might ask, “Why isn’t Signal here?” I talked about my thoughts on Signal in a separate post. Based of preference, Three Times A Day stood out more for me than Signal. The reggae approach was really surprising to me. It gave me chills when I first listened to it. Although they might not be one the same level as Wonder Girls, It’s just nice to see TWICE picking up from where Wonder Girls left off. As this song is a B-side track, I couldn’t attach a video with it.

4. Unnies – 맞지? (Right?)

This song was very fun to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and loved seeing everything come together from all the hard work they have put through during Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2. It was nice to see actresses such as Kang Yewon and Han Chaeyoung take on a challenge and become very comfortable in the end.

3. iKON – 벌떼 (B-Day)

“T-rex” dance and BEES! Vocals and instrumentals are great and all, but damn dude. The music video was well meme’d. Couldn’t stop laughing when the bees started coming out. Really caught me off guard. Haha.

2. PSY – New Face

Great song, great MV. I liked the verses in the song compared to the chorus. However, nothing beats the presence Naeun had in the video. The dabs were pretty sick too.

1. Seventeen – 울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry)

Much emotions. The chorus for this song is so good! Also, the choreography, my god! The moves are so smooth. I’m not a huge Seventeen fan, but this song opened me up to them a lot more.


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