Top 5 Releases for June 2017

5. Happy – WJSN

Art Direction in this music video was on point. From set design to styling, everything was bright, colourful, and eye catching. The little added animation were also cool. It added a fun and comical effect to whatever was happening in the scene. The transitions could tone down a bit. They weren’t Tara’s Sugarfree level that flat out induces epilepsy, it’s just enough to give you a headache.


4. 1 + 1 = 0 – SURAN

This was my chill song for the majority of June. It has a catchy beat with the guitar riff and the bass.The vocals of Suran and DEAN really complement each other. I really love the message of the song.You go through the same thing every day. You work and work, putting so much effort for nothing (hence 1+1=0?). You are still young, relax your mind, just chill.

3. SUPER STAR – G-Dragon

Image result for g dragon kwon ji yong

I really liked this album, all of the songs were catchy. I guess I like rap G-Dragon more than the sentimental, toned down version. It’s funny how the chorus of this song sounds so simple, and yet still so catchy. The drums towards the end was my favourite part by far. This isn’t the title song for the album, so I can’t attach a video along with it.

2. Deep Blue Eyes (Prod. By 진영) – 옆소 (Girls Next Door)

This is like the Avengers of girl group singers. The group consists of members from different girl groups. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO), Seulgi (Red Velvet), Sohee (IBI/Produce 101), YooA (OMG), Sujeong (Lovelyz), D.ana (SONAMOO), and Somi (IOI). Vocals and rap in the song was really good. It’s funny how Seulgi’s dancing feels a lot sharper compared to the other members when you watch the dance practice. The web drama that this group was made for was too cringe for me. However, that does not stop me from liking this song.


That awkward moment when you thought that 2NE1 disbanded. Haha. Kidding. Honestly though, I can’t remove myself from the fact that the song has 2NE1 vibes all over it. I didn’t really like the song at first because of that fact, it wasn’t “blackpink” for me. After a few repeats, I started getting hooked, and now, I’m all for it! BLACKPINK is back at your area. Jennie and Jisoo hitting hard with the visuals, Lisa spitting straight fire, and Rose with the sick floor choreography. The song is not on the same level as Whistle, but hey, it is still a great song!


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