Happiness 2.0: Fruits, Psychedelics, We Like To Party

Red Velvet is back at it again with another hard hitting song. “Red Flavor” to me, represents all the little things that the group is well known for. The song is pretty fast paced, it actually caught me off guard when it suddenly slowed down to a stop towards the end. It was like running for about 3 minutes and then suddenly stop to catch your breath. Anyway, I just cannot get over how addicting this song is. “Red Red Red Flavor, Red, Red Red Red Flaaaa~ voooor~”. I didn’t know something that is so strange to listen to, can still be such an “earworm”.


For this comeback, Red Velvet has their own fruit to represent their colour. Seulgi representing Yellow with Pineapple, Yeri with the Grapes for Purple, Joy with the Kiwifruit (or Kiwi, depending on where you are) for Green, and this is where it goes nuts, Irene representing Pink with a Red Watermelon, and Wendy representing Blue with a Blue Orange? Isn’t that strange? Or is it just me? I can think of some fruits that are pink or have a variation in pink, like Guava, Grapefruit, and Pomelo. As for Blue, I can only really think of Blueberries, which is still better than a “Blue Orange”.


giphy (1).gif
Them colours though!

I’ve noticed that a lot of Red Velvet music videos love to quickly hit you with very bright colours and transitions, which is acceptable for the overall pacing of the song. However, I also noticed that Red Velvet is doing a lot of those multiplying animations where a member is doing something and there’s just a bunch of that member appearing behind her. They also have rotating objects all over the screen to somehow fill up the negative space. That added with the bright colours, create a psychedelic effect that just draws your eyes to the screen. It is not on the same scale as “Happiness” though.

giphy (2).gif
Isn’t this trippy?

We Like To Party

giphy (3).gif
Towards the end, the members are somewhere that seems to be a party setting. This reminded me a lot of Big Bang’s “We Like 2 Party” music video, except a little toned down. Just drinks at hand, a little dancing, and a few stares at the camera.

Finishing Thoughts
The song was really good. It’s amazing how Red Velvet can still remain consistent whether it be a ballad or a dance/pop song. Very addictive and catchy. Member visuals are still on point. Yeri stood out for me in this comeback. Irene could probably do without the bangs. Haha.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the read!

Watch the official music video.


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