It has been a while since YG debuted a male solo artist. ONE is making a strong stance with two releases. “그냥 그래(Gettin’ by)” and “해야해(heyahe)” are great RnB songs with a mature tone.

I find it funny how the comments are saying that the songs are similar to Jay Park. Well, of course they’re going to be similar. Cha Cha Malone and Groovy Room are the producers who worked on the two songs respectively. They also worked with Jay Park to produce his album “Everything You Wanted”. Cha Cha Malone is an AOMG producer, which is Jay Park’s company.

그냥 그래(Getting’ by)

This song has a slow RnB vibe to it. If I was to compare it to styles of other artists, it would be along the lines of Crush or DEAN. The song has a simple beat. There isn’t much to talk about vocals wise, as the song is mainly rapped. Is it weird for a guy to say that he looks good? I don’t know. Hahaha.


I think this is the song where people are making most of the Jay Park comparison. There isn’t much to talk about really. The song is great, probably my favourite out of the two. As for the video, the up-down smooth transitions gave me a throwback to Blackpink’s “Whistle”. I wonder if they used the same director. The colouring of the video is similar as well. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, it’s actually really nice.


This solo debut is actually very light and toned down which I guess suits his visual image. I wonder, considering the YG style, if ONE will ever do a party-hard concept. Anyway, it was still great. Looking forward to more of this from YG. We all need a rest from the fast paced party-hard concept from time to time.


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