420 Blaze it.

EXO is back again with their new song “Ko Ko Bop”. The song takes you for a pretty chill ride for a minute, and then hits you with a down right dirty drop. The drop actually reminds me a bit of NCT 127. The little “Listen!” sound samples taken straight out of the Legend of Zelda were so funny. Every time it came up, I couldn’t help but laugh. As for the vocals, they were pretty chill actually, the key point for me was Baekhyun’s “It goes down down baby…”

giphy (4).gif

Now for the video. Art direction is pretty standard for the SM style. Eye popping colours, great styling, and great set design. I mentioned great styling which is a heavy exception to Baekhyun, mullets should not exist in 2017. Stop making it a thing.

Image result for baekhyun mullet

I see EXO is taking a similar route with the whole psychedelic theme as Red Velvet. It almost feels as if the whole video was an escalating experience through a drug trip with the members. Dissolve the candy (the drug) into the drink, and soon enough, we start floating on tiny clouds, and seeing flying burgers

giphy (5).gif

Watch EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” Music Video.


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