Hi there fellow reader!

I see you have gained interest in my blog, and it seems like you want to know more about me. Well, let me start off by letting you know a bit about myself. I live in New Zealand (been living here for more than half my life now), but i was originally from the Philippines. I can speak English, and Tagalog. As of writing this, I am currently a university student. It’s a painful experience, but I have to try my best to get through.

I first started to gain interest in Kpop at around late 2013. I knew of Kpop back then, but I wasn’t as into it as much as I am now. I was slowly got into it from watching korean variety shows which my cousin introduced me to. If I can recall correctly, the first Kpop song that I have ever listened to was “Bubble Pop” by Hyuna, and it just went on from there.

The first girl group that I got into was T-ara, the songs that they produced are really great. Favourite T-ara songs will probably be “Roly Poly”, “Lovey Dovey”, “Day By Day”, and “떠나지마”. Currently, the girl groups that I am into are TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet. Favourite songs from each group so far are “Like OOH AHH”, “Whistle”, “Russian Roulette” respectively.

The first boy group that I got into was Teen Top, and my favourite songs from them are “쉽지않아 (Missing)”, and “아침부터 아침까지 (ah-ah)”. Currently, the boy groups that I am into are EXO, SEVENTEEN, and GOT7. Favourite songs from each group so far are “Growl”, “울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry)”, and “딱 좋아 (Just right)” respectively.

Well, that was a bit of myself and my interests, hope you continue to tune in to my blog!